Harvest Popup Party

We show how to have a spectacular popup party in a fun and unique way. See how easy it is to gather a few items, pumpkin pie and homemade s'mores! Perfect for the harvest season.


We love to entertain, and we threw a fabulous party - Friendsgiving! There is nothing better than bringing your friend over to join your family to share a meal.

Party From Start to Finish

Our party from start to finish celebrates a perfectly pink Christmas brunch! this great meal can be quick, easy, and hold a casual elegance that will put all your guests at ease.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 12.10.07 AM

We are so excited to introduce our Christmas Camp where you will join our Editor-in-Chief, DeAnna Kane, and Executive Editor, Leslie Callaway, on a fabulous weekend to get you prepared for the holiday season! You will enjoy a carefully crafted schedule that will inspire you in your shopping, gift-giving, decorating, present-wrapping, and so many other ideas to make your holidays easy and stress free. We have a fabulous schedule planned that will take you to our favorite restaurants, our favorite shopping deals, and our favorite tips and ideas for an amazing holiday season. Join us December 3, 2020, to December 6, 2020. You will join us for an enchanting mixer and meal on December 3, and we'll finish our weekend off with a good-bye brunch. But, you certainly won't want to miss what is in between. 

Limited space, so book your ticket now!

Deals Downtown

The best shopping this side of the Rocky Mountains! We'll take you to the downtown shopping district of Los Angeles with the largest variety of shopping from fabrics and cloths, to home goods, decorating, travel, clothes, and anything else you can think of that you might need. So bring an extra suitcase to bring all your treasures home!

Charming Christmas Town

Solvang is home to a picturesque Danish community that inspires the holiday spirit. Delightful shops, enticing restaurants, and activities for the whole family. You'll experience one of the finest meals at our favorite restaurant right next to an authentic ostrich farm!

It's a Wrap

We can't wait to show you some fabulous new ways to wrap your packages and set the bar to a level you may have never done before. We do more than just wrap with paper and slap a bow on the box. You'll be amazed at how beautiful your packages can look with only a few embellishments. Make sure you leave some space in your case to bring your purchases home!

  • A 10% cancellation fee will apply after booking.
  • We will do our best to accommodate all dietary needs. However, all menus are set and any additional changes may be charged to the guest.
  • Hotel rooms are based on single occupancy - please contact us for a double occupancy rate if you are traveling with a friend.
  • All shopping expenditures are responsible by the guest.

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