Fall Favorites

When the temperatures drop, we find comfort in foods that make us warm inside. Check out our butternut squash soup recipes as we dive into fall. You can also check out how we added this fabulous comfort food into our seasonal basket when you are visiting a sick friend, or just someone that needs a taste of homemade love.

Pop-Up Party

The party of the year was held in an open park setting and the most gorgeous view of the ocean that Los Angeles has to offer. Diner en Blush from Mon Ami Ministry, sponsored by Heart of Hospitality, was so much fun as girlfriends gathered together to support, celebrate, and connect with each other. Great ideas for a park party that will dazzle your guests!

Party From Start to Finish

We were able to travel for a Girlfriends' Getaway to Texas. In five days, we visited Waco, Galveston, and San Antonio. There was so much to see, and even the heat beyond comprehension didn't stop us from seeing the sights and shops. Magnolia at the Silos in Waco, quaint shops in Galveston, and the River Walk in San Antonio - greatest trip ever!

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This has been a crazy season for Heart of Hospitality. We have been to Texas for our Girlfriends' Getaway, made some comfort food with homemade soups, kicked off our baking season with fresh breads and cookies, and hosted the greatest gathering of ladies Los Angeles has seen in months.

Mon Ami Ministry, sponsored by Heart of Hospitality, created a way for ladies to safely gather in the park to enjoy some fabulous food and incredible conversation. We hosting Diner en Blush and had the best time seeing ladies attend in blush-toned outfits that dazzled passers-by from elegant blouses and slacks, to red-carpet gala gowns. It was a night to remember!

We are into our second year of production, and we haven't had so much fun. It has been such a wonderful experience as we search for news ways to share connecting ideas, and tips to put on the most elegant parties with fun and flare.

We hope you enjoy this new issue of Heart ofHospitality - Fall 2020. Let us know what you think! Send your comments and questions to: info@heartofhospitalitymagazine.com


DeAnna & Leslie


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