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Birthday Bash

A fall color palette inspired one of our photographer contributors, Hillary Berry, to throw an outdoor extravaganza. Family and friends gathered to relax and enjoy dining al fresco as she created an indoor space, outside. Throw in a Mexican fiesta and you have the perfect palette for fall!

Scone Mania

If you are looking for a way to really set your event apart from all the rest, try something new. Sweet or savory, and oh so tasty. Scones are a great way to elevate your menu because there is so much you can do! Listen to our scone expert, Isabella Peshewa, and take a chance!

It's all about the design

We are so excited to introduce fabulous interior designer, Summer Steele-Dickson, of Summer Steele designs. She puts together a party event design that is to live for. Keep it simple with appetizer bites and an apple cider with a twist. Check out Summer's designs and get creative!

Upcoming actives and events - Come join us!

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