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Unique Spaces

Need a unique location for your next event? Think outside the box and try an outdoor potting shed or a new outdoor space that you can set up to invite guests to gather.

Collector Plates

Host your guests on collector plates from decades gone by. These church collector plates are super hard to find, but when you see one, snap it up and build an eclectic set of vintage dishes.

Winter Harvest Favs

One of our favorite winter harvest ingredients…Truffles! This flavorful fungus is a tasty treat and adds such a robust, bold flavor to all your dishes. See some our favorite ways it can be used!

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We are excited to announce that Heart of Hospitality Magazine and The Empowered Magazine are merging!

As a subscriber of either of these magazines, you will now be receiving the second magazine at no additional charge. We will be merging the content of these two publications in a smooth and seamless manner to give you brilliant content that upholds our standards of excellence.

The best part is that it will not increase your yearly subscription fee in the slightest. All subscriptions will remain under the Heart of Hospitality price of $21.99/year. If you are an Empowered Magazine subscriber, your subscription pricing will be decreasing!

The current holiday issue already has both magazine contents, and starting January 2024, The Empowered Magazine content will be incorporated into Heart of Hospitality. We know you will love reading the additional content as much as we love putting it together. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: Subject: Subscriptions. 

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Heart of Hospitality is a digital magazine publication. We are not in print at this time unless otherwise noted for special edition issues.
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