Our Approach

Heart of Hospitality is designed and dedicated to giving all the best tips and ideas on planning the best event, party, trip, or decor you could possibly imagine. Not only do we show how to extend hospitality in all ways, our etiquette corner will help you feel confident as a host or a guest. Our philosophy is that whenever you invite someone to your home, you always show the very best and treat them like the special guest they are, no matter who it is! Everyone is special and deserves to be treated that way, and common courtesy goes a long way when you open that door to people coming, or you going out. So always give your very best!

Our Story

Heart of Hospitality was developed out of a need to teach other how to extend hospitality in a culture where closed doors and gates isolate people in their communities. Hospitality and entertaining experts, DeAnna Kane and Leslie Callaway share a passion for bringing hospitality back to the forefront of society because walls comes down and connection is created when we really get to know each other. Each issue is packed with fun tips and tricks for all your hospitality needs, and the attitude that goes with it!

Meet our Co-Founders


DeAnna Kane

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

DeAnna Kane earned her Master's Degree of Science in Education Leadership from Keiser University. She began writing for donor development and fundraising with Museum of the Bible in 2015, and moved into managing many of their high end donor events for the Museum's grand opening in 2017. Her talent for writing and event planning were a perfect combination for a Mon Ami Ministry board position. She is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder in KC Media Publishing.


1 Peter 4:9

Offer hospitality to one another

without grumbling

Leslie and DeAnna have been friends for over 27 years and have a passion for educating the heart and mind through hospitable practices that lift up others in celebration. Their simple and practical approach to serving others through hospitality was derived through Mon Ami Ministry, founded by Leslie in 2001. Leslie has worked diligently to expand and perfect this program to reach women in every community.


Leslie Callaway

Co-Founder & Executive Editor

Leslie Callaway started Mon Ami Ministry 20 years ago when she noticed a need for women's outreach in her community. Her passion was reaching her ladies with compassion, understanding, and a good cup of coffee. Heart of Hospitality was inspired by Leslie's unwavering determination to bring hospitality back to the forefront of society to lift up and celebrate women everywhere. She is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder in KC Media Publishing.

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